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The AGM A8 is an extremely durable rugged phone that has been built especially to withstand the toughest of environments. Resistant to water, dust, drops, and more – this rugged smartphone operates perfectly virtually anywhere. Featuring two IMEI numbers, it brings along great connectivity.. learns it more:

The Jumper EZpad 6 Pro is a powerful 2-in-1Windows Tablet PC that allows you to make use of the latest Windows features anywhere you go. The tablet computer has an extremely sleek design that gives it a high-end look and feel. This Windows 10 Tablet PC certainly is an eye catcher. Learn it more:

The Lenovo Vibe P2 Android phone, with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 CPU that has been clocked at 2.0GHz, is a powerful smartphone that allows you to tackle the latest Apps and software features available. Along with its Octa-Core processor, this Android smartphone comes furthermore with 4GB of RAM to truly let you enjoy an exceptionally powerful and lag-free user experience.

This DIY Anet A8 3D printer allows you to print decent sized objects in up to no time. With an extreme printing precision of 0.04mm, you can be assured that the i3 DIY kit delivers great result – allowing you to create any object you can imagine in stunning detail and with great precision. Learn more:

The R99 4K TV Box with its extremely powerful hardware certainly is one of the crown pieces in the Android TV box industry. This absolutely stunning media player packs the Rockchip RK3399 processor which brings along ultimate power. Learn more it:

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi is an intelligent home cleaning device. that will efficiently clean your home so you don't have to. A brushless motor from the No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer NIDEC, delivers a massive 1,800 Pa of suction, so it easily outperforms all of it rivals. Learn more:

This amazing LED projector has a build-in DVD driver. And if you connect with your USB driver, it can play more multimedia possibilities. This is your all-in-one solution for enjoying movies ! It was launched more than 5 years ago, but it is always the one of the top selling sales gadget. Learn more:

Blackview are back with the new BV6000S, that combines rugged prowess and a powerful performance in 4.7 inch Smartphone that's ready to take on the world with you. With 4 cores of processing, and 2GB of RAM, the Blackview BV6000S has plenty of potential to meet all your performance needs. Armed with a T720Mp Mali CPU you can enjoy the latest games, and watch HD movies without suffering lag or delays. Learn more:

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If you are looking for a high-end security gadget, this professional police body camera is the ultimate electronic for you. This body cam is perfect for private security guards and bouncers as it will record everything that’s happening in front of you throughout your shift in crisp 1296p resolution. The body camera has a compact size and can be easily attached to your clothes or belt. Learn more: